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Ezi Batten Pty Ltd

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Roofing and accessories            A complete roofing material service

A full range of roof and wall cladding materials are available in colorbond © and zincalume © .
                                        Specification        Coverage  thickness     mass        Span internal Span end
Profiles available                Corrugated              762mm  0.42mm   4.3kg/m^2         1200              900
                                        Apclad                    762mm  0.42mm   4.3kg/m^2         1200              900
                                        Apdeck700              700mm  0.42mm   4.74kg/m^2       1800           1500     
                                        Apspan                   700mm  0.42mm   4.74kg/m^2       2100            1700

Downpipes, ridge cap, valley sections, gutters,fascia and brackets to suit
Complete range of screws available for roofing applications

Delivery to site at modest cost